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The type of work we currently perform for our clients includes: peer review, messaging, PR strategy, media relations, media training, editorial development (includes byliners, blog posts, DRIP pieces, Whitepapers), organic SEO strategy and implementation, content marketing strategy and implementation, lead gen strategies integrated with sales team (including developing Landing Pages for data gathering), social media strategy and implementation (concentrating on LinkedIn and Twitter), blogging strategy and implementation, measurement of impact of public relations program according to advanced and traditional methods, and the evolving Finsquared PR Impact Score.

Services include:

Messaging and keyword development

Intensive peer review

Audit against Finsquared PR Impact Score

Integrated PR/content marketing/social/digital strategy

Targeted finance and technology media relations to broadcast, web, radio, TV, print

Editorial – whitepapers, by-liners, press releases, blog posts - produced by accomplished journalists

Blogging strategy; blog development and maintenance

Social media strategy; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook development and maintenance

Digital marketing strategy; Google Analytics, ppc, re-marketing, social promo, lead gen

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