The old joke in financial PR used to be:
Whatever the client says, they’re really thinking
“Get me in The Wall Street Journal.”

Finsquared has developed a new paradigm. We get you in The Wall Street Journal, or any number of important financial publications, and we measurably build your business by a number of metrics.

Dramatic increase in exposure and stature in the industry,

Significant increase in AUM or other monetary metric,

Steady generation of highly qualified leads that can be converted into sales and bottom line growth,

Custom metric that quantifies growth and profitability for your special situation

Our all-inclusive strategy is an end-to-end PR / marketing / business development solution. A completely new way of considering and implementing financial and Fintech public relations and marketing. No more silos, where you have to hire 3 – 4 consultants to implement media relations, social media, blogging, online or traditional marketing.


No more fuzzy metrics that are based on pre-digital assumptions about PR.


Bottom line: We don’t begin a program until we can establish the metric to grow your business and prove our value.

Why Finsquared?

We know the financial
and Fintech industry.

We have created and managed full-scale public relations programs for start-up Fintech innovators and some of the largest brokerage, mutual fund, ETF, and asset management companies in the business.

How Are We Different?

We break down walls and offer Fintech and financial clients a way to greatly expand their communications capabilities without adding staff.


We are more effective. Even in our core PR programs we find innovative ways to leverage media coverage and content to lead to verifiable, highly qualified new business leads.

Clients pay for results
and creativity, not overhead
and bureaucracy.

What Services Do We Offer?

High impact media relations and editorial are core, traditional PR services. We maintain excellent relationships with influential financial media, resulting in broad coverage for our clients. We have a network of highly accomplished financial writers who produce valuable, highly marketable content.

And then we go beyond that.

Social media, blogging, content marketing programs, online marketing, video, traditional marketing, conversion optimization and qualified leads for the sales force.

How Do We Work?

At Finsquared you don’t pay for overhead or bureaucracy. You pay for insights, results, and flexibility. Our end-to-end programs are created and managed by a dedicated team of specialists. This is an integrated, outsourced solution for near-term impact that builds a communications infrastructure for long-term growth.


Our mission is to bring a broad
range of capabilities, a shot of
creativity, flexibility, and a new
era of accountability to financial
public relations and marketing.

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